Turkey Becomes First in ‘Most Equipped BMW’ Sales

Borusan Automotive Chief Executive Officer, Hakan Tiftik, stated that their customers in Turkey do not prefer vehicles with empty equipment. Mentioning that the price increase is not considered important, Tiftik said that Turkey ranks first among 44 countries in full vehicle sales. However, the information about which countries these 44 countries are was not shared.

Chairman of the Executive Board of Borusan Otomotiv, which brought Germany-based automobile giant BMW to Turkey. Hakan Mohairmade some statements on the agenda. The statements made by Tiftik at least reveal that there is no crisis in the luxury automotive industry. According to Tiftik, citizens do not even prefer BMW’s unequipped models. Even at this point, among dozens of countries we rank first

In his statements, “Our customers want the most equipped vehicles despite the price increase. Instead of a low-equipped vehicle, we bring a more equipped vehicle. We are bringing vehicles that will reveal the feature of BMW and reveal its difference. The same is true for all our models. Our strategy is based on this. Turkey in high-equipped BMW sales, 1st among 44 countriesHakan Tiftik, who gave the statements of ”, actually revealed how the income distribution gap has widened in Turkey. Because while some of us can’t even dream of a car, some of us want to buy the most equipped vehicles of a very luxurious brand…

Sales expected to increase next year

According to the statements made by Hakan Tiftik, the passenger car industry will look forward to the next year. will be productive. Stating that sales could not reach the desired level this year, especially due to the chip crisis, Tiftik said, “If it weren’t for the chip crisis and supply problems this year, 700-720 thousand passenger cars could have been sold in total. In 2022, if the chip crisis does not grow unexpectedly, depending on the accumulated demand, sales will increase we think. Next year, passenger car sales may reach 750 thousand units. Fleet rental companies also unloaded many vehicles due to the crisis. The total vehicle park decreased from 350 thousand to 240 thousand units. With the accumulated demand, the market reaches at least 600 thousand units.‘ he said.


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Another issue mentioned by Borusan Otomotiv CEO Tiftik was about electric motor vehicles. Mentioning that they are trying to lead the electric car transformation in Turkey, Tiftik said, “For those who come to us for a gasoline vehicle Introducing the electric.He said that they are directing citizens to electricity instead of gasoline. According to Hakan Tiftik, BMW sales will increase by 2030. 75 percent It will be electric.

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