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The access ban on the popular social media platform Tumblr has been lifted. The access restriction from Turkey, which was first applied on November 12, was withdrawn in the past hours. It became the subject of controversy after the company announced that it would re-allow nudity content.

Tumblr access ban applied for three days

Social media platform Tumblr will be available in Turkey on November 12. was closed. The obstacle for the social media platform was brought by the Law No. 2022/3144 of the Kuşadası Criminal Court of Peace dated 9 November.

After the child pornography incident occurred on the platform and it was removed from the App Store, he blocked the posts containing nudity in 2018. The access restriction for nudity content, which has been in effect for about four years, has been lifted recently. After this decision, access to Tumblr from Turkey was cut off.

Tumblr brings tip feature for bloggers!

Tumblr brings tip feature for bloggers!

It brings the tip jar, which is an analogy to the donation feature found on Tumblr, Twitch, and YouTube. Here are the details…

With the new regulation of the company, posts containing nudity will not be banned. It is planned to remove only sexually explicit posts and suspend the user.

At least for now, nothing about Tumblr’s content guidelines has fundamentally changed, according to the company’s statement. The nudity access feature will give users more control over the posts they see.

It should be noted that no official statement has been made regarding the access ban from Turkey to the Tumblr platform. The social media giant has been serving its users on visual sharing since 2007.

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