Tsunami Will Hit Istanbul in 30 Years!

UNESCO, in its statement before the UN Oceans Conference, announced that some coastal areas, including Istanbul, are in danger of tsunami. The organization will soon begin training to be ready for the tsunami.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), with a new statement made today, brought a new danger to the agenda in Turkey. The organization shared that it will expand the scope of the program, which has made 40 communities from 21 countries ‘ready for tsunami’ so far, for different coastal communities.

Marseille, Alexandria and Istanbul were among the regions that UNESCO announced to include in its program. Moreover, according to UNESCO, these regions, including Istanbul, will be covered in the next 30 years. 100% probability of hitting waves higher than one meterthat’s for sure.

Istanbul will be made ‘ready for tsunami’:

So far, societies in the Pacific and Indian Ocean, which are the regions where tsunamis have been mostly seen, have been informed about how to fight against tsunamis. they have basic knowledge. However, there is no such knowledge in regions such as Istanbul and have not faced the danger of tsunami until today.

In this context, UNESCO aims to make the communities in these regions ‘ready for the tsunami’. In this context, the Organization plans to educate communities at risk of tsunamis until 2030. The organization has also completed work to establish 12 tsunami warning centers. Five of these centers Greece, in Turkey, Italy, France and Portugal exists.


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