Trump’s Social Media Platform Is Being Balled

Trump faced a great reaction from social media platforms, especially in the last years of his term. Now, the social sharing platform, which has not yet started its broadcast life, is being thrown at the ball. Donald Trump, who plans to continue his sharing with his own social media platform called ‘Truth Social’, has mixed things up with new crises.

Former US President Donald Trump, who left his seat to Joe Biden in January, used social media platforms, especially Twitter, extensively during his tenure. However, on January 6, 2021, Congress RaidAfter , social media platforms also took a stand against Trump.

Trump, who does not welcome the social media platforms to turn his back on him, uses these platforms at every opportunity. he was criticizing. Trump, who finally decided to establish his own social networking platform, ‘Truth Social’ with its platform. But the platform before it is published It has been the focus of many crises.

Trump was given 30 days:

According to information from the US media, Truth Social is an open source platform. Almost exactly imitates Mastodon. Essentially, redeeming Mastodon’s code is open to anyone and there is no charge. However, companies that want to use this code license agreement have to sign. The US media also said that Truth Social not complying with the license agreement and Trump Media and Technology Group was given 30 days to change the software of the platform.

It also turned out that although Truth Social is still in the testing phase and has not started its broadcast life, the platform is filled with trolls. Verge, a news source based on technology and informatics, is on the platform. many fake accounts He also stated that there were fake posts under the name of ‘Donald Trump’.


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Adding a new dimension to the scandal, the New York Times stated that some hackers were given permission to access the platform, and that together with Trump, far-right political figures in the country such as Stephen Bannon and Ron Watkins, fake accounts were opened using the name of Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter.

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