Trump may return to Twitter


Musk had previously had Twitter users vote on Donald Trump’s return to the platform.

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san francisco Donald Trump may return to Twitter. Around three weeks after Elon Musk’s $44 billion purchase of Twitter, the billionaire announced the move on Saturday. A few minutes later, Donald Trump’s profile was publicly available again.

Musk had previously voted on Twitter to reactivate the ex-president’s profile. “The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated,” Musk tweeted. Around 15 million people took part in the vote. In the end, there was a slim majority of 52 percent for reactivation of Trump’s account.

The ex-president was banned from the platform in January 2021 after his supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington. The platform had argued that Trump needed to remain permanently banned “due to the risk of further inciting violence.”

Trump had 88.8 million Twitter followers when the company suspended him. After the account was reactivated on Saturday, however, Trump initially had a significantly lower number of followers.

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On Saturday, Trump initially rejected a return on Twitter. “I see no reason for it,” Trump said at an event. With his own platform Truth Social he has a good alternative.

A few weeks earlier, he had spoken positively about Elon Musk and his role on Twitter. “I’m so glad Twitter is in healthy hands now and no longer run by left wing nutcases and lunatics who genuinely hate our country,” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post.

A few days ago, Trump announced that he wanted to run again for the US presidency. In the United States, the next vote on the highest office in the state will take place in 2024. On November 8, the US had already held midterm elections. Elon Musk had publicly spoken out in favor of the election of the Republican Party.

Trump remains banned from other major online platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. During his presidency, Donald Trump made Twitter a key channel of communication with the public. He first shared billion-dollar decisions with his followers on Twitter and discussed the trade-offs between war and peace. Then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson learned from a tweet from the president that he had been impeached.

At the same time, Twitter also benefited from the important role played by the US President. The loss-making platform turned a profit for the first time in the company’s history in 2017 – the first year with Donald Trump as US head of state.

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