True Crime on BILD TV: “Squid Game” attacks in Germany on “Achtung Fahndung” – domestic news

Children’s games, torture and blood – the recipe for success of the “Squid Game” series.

The TV show has already flickered on more than 140 million screens worldwide. It is by far the most successful Netflix series of all time. But now this fictional series becomes a brutal reality!

► “Achtung Fahndung”, the magazine for real criminal cases on BILD on TV, will report from 8:15 pm on the “Squid Game” attacks in Germany!

Costume in the look of the Netflix hit “Squid-Game” (symbol photo)Photo: Getty Images

On Halloween, a stranger in a “squid game” costume attacked a group of 13-year-olds in Bad Wünneberg in North Rhine-Westphalia, injuring the children’s mouths. Only one of several cases in Germany.

Erich Rettinghaus, the NRW state chairman of the German police union, warns of “Attention, manhunt”: “We have a bloody series. And children who re-enact this series and where reality and play are blurred! This leads to injuries and situations where the local police are also confronted with a threat where we do not even know whether this is game or serious? “

► At 9.10 p.m., BILD will continue to be exciting on TV! “My biggest case” today is about the parking garage murder. BILD reporter Laura Gehrmann gives an insight into this spectacular criminal case from 2005.

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