Transfer of intensive care patients in Bavaria hardly possible anymore – vaccine for five to eleven year olds will be delivered on December 20th

French President Emmanuel Macron believes a lockdown for unvaccinated people in his country is unnecessary in the fight against the corona pandemic. “The countries that impose a lockdown for the unvaccinated are the countries that have not introduced a health passport,” he told the newspaper “La Voix du Nord” (Friday). “This measure is therefore not necessary in France.”

The French health passport (“passe sanitaire”) was introduced in the summer and roughly corresponds to a 3G regulation for participation in public life. It provides proof of a vaccination, a survived Covid 19 disease or a current negative test result. Anyone in France who wants to eat in a restaurant, travel on a long-distance train or go to a museum, for example, has to show their passport, usually in the form of an app.

The corona numbers rose in France recently, but are well below the level in Germany. the The last seven-day incidence was 125, while it climbed to more than 300 in Germany.

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