Trailer of Disney+’s David Beckham Series Has Arrived

Disney+ has released the first teaser trailer for “Save Our Squad”, the unscripted drama with David Beckham. The series will show Beckham’s effort to save a team at the bottom of the league.

While the football world had a new production with the Fatih Terim documentary in the past days, a pleasing share came from Disney+ today. The platform, which officially entered Turkey last June, David Beckham’s TV series He shared his first promotional trailer.

Save Our SquadThe new series, which will debut under the name ” and will have a documentary taste, will feature David Beckham’s return to East London and training football players in U8 – U16. to the Westward Boys will show you how to mentor. Beckham will try to save the team that is at the bottom of the league.

Save Our Squad teaser trailer:

The biggest feature of the David Beckham series is unscripted to be. All the events we will see will be seen in a real and documented way. Disney+’s David Beckham series Save Our Squad, It will be released on November 9th.


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