Tragic not being vaccinated for Covid-19, according to Bill Gates

The protagonist of conspiracy theories since the coronavirus pandemic began. Bill Gatesfinally “Covid-19 vaccine microchip inside” he spoke about. Gates said he wonders how following people will benefit him.

The philanthropic billionaire in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper With Covid-19 vaccines made remarkable statements about it. He said theories about microchipping his Covid-19 vaccines were “tragic”.

Bill Gates’ COVID-19 test was positive!

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates announced in a post on Twitter that the COVID-19 test was positive.

Bill Gates: Tragic that people are not vaccinated because of microchip

Bill Gates, one of the most controversial names of Covid-19 vaccines, said that conspiracy theories It’s tragic that it stopped him from getting a COVID-19 vaccine stated that. Gates stated that the desire to follow people with a microchip seems strange.

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“I don’t know why they think I’m interested in following people and knowing where people are. i have to laugh“But if it’s keeping people from getting vaccinated, then that’s tragic.”

The Microsoft founder also encourages people to understand the complex science behind vaccines. easier to believe it was built for profit stated that. But, according to Gates, “clicking on simple explanations has become fun” on social media.

Although there are dozens of different conspiracy theories about Covid-19 vaccines, the most popular ones include the claim of microchip. According to these theories, which are believed by thousands of people in Turkey, Gates microchip inside vaccines to track their location placed it.

In his statement in 2020, the philanthropic billionaire said: Conspiracy theories about Covid-19 vaccines He said he didn’t listen. “It’s almost hard to deny these allegations because that’s what it is,” Gates said. silly or weird which is absurd to even repeat,” he said.

In addition, the billionaire executive does not seem to have escaped the coronavirus. According to the latest statement, Gates’ COVID-19 test positive output.

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