Traffic Fines – 2023

With the revaluation rate of 2023, traffic fines have also become clear. Penalties have reached this level for the first time and seem to be a deterrent. So how much were traffic fines in 2023?

dated November 24 Official newspaperwas published with important regulations for our country. One of them is to reduce the prices of flying cars. It was the tax base regulation in SCT. The second important issue is for the year 2023. revaluation rate was officially determined.

Revaluation rate, applied in our country traffic penaltyIt determines how much official payment items such as fees, taxes, etc. will increase in the next year. In its simplest terms, the state determines how much TL 1 in 2022 will be in 2023, using the data of TUIK. According to the data in the Official Gazette, the revaluation rate for 2023 is 122.93 percent. In other words, 1 TL today will be equivalent to 2.22 TL in 2023.

So how will traffic fines change in 2023?

In this article, The ordered list of traffic fines to be applied in 2023 We’ll take a closer look. After the revaluation rate published in the Official Gazette, the probability of changing these prices not let me specify.

Punishment 2022 2023
red light violation 427 TL 952 TL
using a mobile phone 427 TL 952 TL
seat belt violation 196 TL 437 TL
Not giving pedestrians the right of way 888 TL 1,980 TL
Exceeding speed limits by 10% to 30% 427 TL 952 TL
Exceeding speed limits by 30% to 50% 888 TL 1,980 TL
Exceeding speed limits by more than 50% 1,823 TL 4,064 TL
make wrong overtaking 427 TL 952 TL
wrong parking 196 TL 437 TL
Throwing garbage out of the vehicle 196 TL 437 TL
Do not allow overtaking 196 TL 437 TL
go too slow 196 TL 437 TL
Unnecessarily turning on fog lights 196 TL 437 TL
Not obeying traffic signs 196 TL 437 TL
not holding a license 166 TL 370 TL
not carrying a license 427 TL 952 TL
Driving without a license 3,674 TL 8.190 TL
Driving an uninspected vehicle 427 TL 952 TL
Being alcoholic above 0.50 promil (1st time) 1,823 TL 4,064 TL
Being alcoholic above 0,50 promil (2nd time) 2,286 TL 5,096 TL
driving under the influence of drugs 9,410 TL 20,977 TL
Not taking a drug or alcohol blood test 5,224 TL 11,645 TL
throwing scissors 1,823 TL 4,064 TL
seat belt violation 1,823 TL 4,064 TL
go in the opposite lane 1,823 TL 4,064 TL
drift 9,125 TL 20,342 TL
Not following the rules with vehicles such as bicycles and scooters 427 TL 952 TL
Not listening to police orders 427 TL 952 TL
Sound-noise level disturbing the environment 427 TL 952 TL
No plates at all 3,091 TL 6,890 TL
Installing the plate outside the designated place 166 TL 370 TL
The plate is not in the specified standards 750 TL 1,672 TL
The plate is not in the standards determined for the second time 1,536 TL 3,424 TL
Not installing the front or back plate 750 TL 1,672 TL
Not installing the front or back plate a second time 1,536 TL 3,424 TL
fake license plate 9,107 TL 20,302 TL
Working to close the road to traffic 888 TL 1,980 TL
Contaminating equipment such as signage and lights 888 TL 1,980 TL
damage traffic lights 888 TL 1,980 TL
Unauthorized tree etc. to stitch 9,239 TL 20,596 TL
Building on the side of the highway without permission 9,239 TL 20,596 TL
Not doing post-customs registration for a new car 427 TL 952 TL
Going on the road without a registration certificate or plate 1,823 TL 4,064 TL
Putting scrapped vehicle on the road 3,674 TL 8.190 TL
Irregularity in the temporary registration certificate 31,084 TL 69,295 TL
Installing unauthorized audible/light warning equipment 1,823 TL 4,064 TL
No taximeter or tachograph 888 TL 1,980 TL
Driving into traffic despite your license being confiscated or revoked 3,674 TL 8.190 TL
Driving vehicles not covered by the driver’s license 1,823 TL 4,064 TL
Lack of lane-speed balance 427 TL 952 TL
Failure to comply with the right lane requirement 888 TL 1,980 TL
Failure to maintain a safe following distance 196 TL 437 TL
Non-compliance with intersection rules 196 TL 437 TL
Incorrect uploads 408 TL 909 TL
Penalties for pedestrians 196 TL 437 TL

All penalties applied in 2022 from here you can reach.

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