Toyota Yaris Cross in Turkey: Here’s the Price and Features

The Yaris Cross, the crossover version of the Toyota Yaris, has officially entered Turkey. The Yaris Cross, a version of the original Yaris with larger and smaller touches, unfortunately does not have the price of a city car.

Japanese auto giant Toyota, the small city car at the event it held in the past years. The crossover version of the Yaris had introduced. Transforming Yaris into a B segment SUV, the company made a launch today and with this launch, Yaris Cross officially entered Turkey.

When we look at the exterior design of the Yaris Cross, the vehicle original Yaris We see that it is slightly enlarged and elevated. However, especially the headlight designs B-SUV’There are also visual changes. When we look at the rear of the Yaris Cross, we get the feeling that it is a completely different model. Considering that SUVs are becoming increasingly popular in Turkey, we can easily say that the Yaris Cross will attract great attention.

Introducing the Toyota Yaris Cross

The interior of the Yaris Cross is based on the original Yaris looks like in general. However, the growing volume in exterior design also shows itself in interior design. Yaris Cross from Yaris wider It has an internal volume.


According to the statements made by Toyota Turkey today, the Yaris Cross is a 1.5-liter gasoline engine or a 1.5-liter gasoline engine in our country. hybrid engine available for purchase. It should be noted that the fuel consumption values ​​of Yaris Cross, which has a hybrid engine option, are announced as 4.6 liters and 4.8 liters. If the gasoline engine 6.0 liters It comes with the fuel consumption value.

Yaris Cross

According to the information received, Toyota Yaris Cross will only ship to Turkey this year. 1000 pieces to come. Allegedly, consumers who order the Yaris Cross Hybrid will have to wait until September.

How much will the Toyota Yaris Cross cost in Turkey?


At the launch of Toyota in Turkey Yaris Cross price also announced. Let’s take a look at the prices of Yaris Cross with both petrol and hybrid engines:

Gasoline versions:

  • dream: 667,800 TL
  • Dream X-Pack: 682,800 TL
  • Flame X-Pack: 712,100 TL

Hybrid versions:

  • dream: 702,600 TL
  • Dream X-Pack: 717,600 TL
  • Flame X-Pack: 743,900 TL
  • Passion X-Pack: 829,300 TL

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