Toyota recalls bZ4X: Wheels may come off while driving

automobile companies, vehicles that may endanger the safety of the driver. malfunction or error can be recalled in case of occurrence. lately Tesla, Ford and Mercedes manufacturers such as big and small problems due to thousands of cars called back. A new one has been added to these. But this time the situation is very serious. Because of a critical mistake made in the production process, Toyota 2 thousand 700 He recalled his vehicle.

The wheels of the Toyota bZ4X may come off while driving.

Toyota’s in mass production first fully electric model bZ4Xis on the agenda with a worrying event. Because, with the statement it published a while ago, the company has made a statement in the USA, Europe, Canada and Japan. 2,700 bZ4X vehicles Called back to services.

The reason behind this decision is the kind that worries users. Toyota bZ4Xafter a critical error in the production process which may cause the wheels to come off. facing a problem. A company spokesperson told the BBC that this error could result in loss of vehicle control and increase the risk of an accident.

Recycling move from Toyota for electric vehicles

Recycling move from Toyota for electric vehicles

Toyota has reached an agreement with the battery recycling company led by Tesla’s co-founder for electric vehicle battery recycling.

Toyota bZ4X Another detail that worried the relevant drivers was that the spokesperson said that the vehicles should never be used until the problem is resolved. In addition, according to the BBC, all the company’s bZ4X models were not recalled. It is thought that a mistake was made in the production of a particular group here.

Toyota said that before the statement it published, the necessary information about the error was given to the regulatory authorities. At the same time, he stated that a detailed investigation was initiated within the company regarding the issue.

So what do you think about this subject? Toyota bZ4X What could be the main reason for this problem that causes the wheel to come off in your models? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section!

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