Toyota recalled the bZ4X model! Offers a refund

Totoya unveiled its first all-electric car, the bZ4X, last June. This vehicle, which seems to be a little sportier than the RAV4 on the design side, was the first of 30 electric models that the company will release in 8 years. But he was recalled because his wheels had a problem with skidding. In fact, Toyota wants to buy back the bZ4X.

Toyota does everything to convince bZ4X owners!

The electric transformation continues all over the world. Although it seems that there is only a movement in cars for now, we will see many things from airplanes to factories turning into sustainable clean energy in the future. This Solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydroelectric The use of all energy sources such as

Of course, cars are at the top of the list due to the carbon emissions they cause. In addition, since there are electric motors as an alternative to internal combustion engines, their conversion is easier. For this reason, the European Union has banned the sale of non-electric vehicles from 2030.

The first hike of the new month is from Toyota!  Here is the latest situation

The first hike of the new month is from Toyota! Here is the latest situation

Toyota announced the prices for August 2022. As in the industry in general, the changes were raise-oriented. Toyota, August 2022 price list.

Toyota, on the other hand, has waited too long to leave internal combustion engines behind, despite being one of the first to enter the electric conversion. It’s been insistent on hybrid vehicles for so long, probably because fully electric cars came into our lives earlier than expected.

As of this year, Toyota also launched its first all-electric model, the bZ4X. He announced that 30 more electric car models have been developed by investing 17 billion dollars for the next 8 years. But he was faced with another unexpected setback.

Toyota bZ4X

It turned out that the bolt connection on the wheels of the bZ4X model, which has been on the market for about 2 months, is not as strong as he thought. So much so that it can be thrown out of the vehicle unexpectedly while driving.

That’s why the company has recalled all bZ4X models. Due to the inconvenience caused to the users while the relevant parts are detected and replaced with new ones, it offers many options to vehicle owners, such as a $5,000 check that they can use at Toyota, an extended warranty or free fast charging at EVgo’s charging stations until the end of 2024.

Of course, vehicle owners may not be satisfied with these options. In this case, he wants to buy these cars, which are on sale for $ 46 thousand 700, for $ 42 thousand or more, depending on their wear and tear. After the relevant changes are made and tested, it will be offered to the second hand market.

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