Toyota bZ Compact SUV Introduced: Here are the Features!

Toyota introduced its concept car called the bZ Compact SUV. The fully electric crossover type vehicle impresses with its design. It is not clear whether the concept car will go into mass production.

One of the most popular automobile events in the world. Los Angeles Auto Show officially started. As such, giant companies are promoting their brand new cars one after the other. In fact, in a news we shared with you yesterday, Japanese auto giant Toyota’s fifth generation Since introducing the Prius we talked about. The company, which took the stage once again within the scope of the fair, this time bZ Compact SUV introduced the concept electric SUV model.

The bZ Compact SUV is a design language of its own. crossover appeared as. The thin strip LED headlight design we saw in the Prius yesterday is used in the car, and it complements the right and left headlights with the strip LED placed on the grille. Increasingly characteristic The crossover appears to be ready for mass production even in its current form. Toyota may launch this concept vehicle with small touches in the future.

Introducing the Toyota bZ Compact SUV

The characteristic front view of the Toyota bZ Compact SUV, at the back also shows itself. The taillights, which also include the sides, cover the trunk lid from side to side. However, there is a striking detail here. Just below the stops, there is a gradually widening section. This section, where the Toyota logo is also placed, in terms of cleanliness It looks like it could cause problems.


Toyota redesigns the concept crossover minimalist but it has been designed in such a stylish way. The octagonal steering wheel adds a unique flair to the vehicle. The display screen and the infotainment screen are curved and impress. Instead of the gear knob, a small piece is preferred. Driver in this part using the scroll key will adjust the gear.

Toyota crossover

The Toyota bZ Compact SUV came with an assistant called Yui. This voice assistantis represented by two blue colored spheres, one between the steering wheel and the instrument display, and the other placed in the gear section. Listening to the voices of both the driver and passengers and taking action accordingly yuiLooks like he’s determined to take Toyota to a point we’ve never seen before.

Toyota bz series

What engine is under the hood of Toyota’s concept-stage crossover Unknown. Also, no price information has been announced for this vehicle.

Would you buy this vehicle if it went into mass production?


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