Toyota Announces It Was Cyber ​​Attacked

Automobile giant Toyota announced that it was hacked. As a result of the attack, it was stated that 296 thousand customer information may have been stolen.

Cyber ​​attacks, which are one of the biggest problems of our age, are increasing due to the fact that everyone uses the internet. So much so that we now hear such news from all sectors, from health to automobiles. Now emerging information reveals that one of the largest automotive companies in the world is the target of hackers.

According to a report shared by Reuters, Japan-based auto giant Toyotaannounced that it was cyber-attacked today. The attack is what allowed Toyota owners to connect to their cars. T-Connect It was stated that it happened in the telematics service named .

296,000 customer information may have been leaked

According to Toyota’s statements, T-Connect users are fully 296,019 The e-mail address and customer number were affected by the attack. It was also stated that these customers consisted of people who registered on the service’s website via their e-mails after July 2017.

In addition, the company has not yet cannot find out if there is a third-party access He said that this possibility has not been ruled out. The automaker also warned that users’ sensitive personal information such as credit card details, names, phone numbers could be leaked. that there is no recorded.

Finally, Toyota stated that they have not yet encountered anything about the misuse of the leaked information; however, it warned that users may encounter things like phishing, spam messages, and unsolicited e-mails. The giant company has also been the victim of a cyber attack in the past months, temporarily halting production in 14 of its factories.


Toyota Restarts Production at 14 Plants That It Stopped Due to ‘Cyber ​​Attack’

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