Toyota announced how many electric cars it sold!

Toyotais among the world’s largest automobile manufacturers. luxury car manufacturer within the Japanese automaker LexusIt contains . Both companies attach importance to electric cars and continue to work in this field.

The company recently introduced its new electric cars. Thereupon, the European division of the company, Toyota Motors Europe, will be launched in 2021. how many cars announced that they were selling. The report also included the sales of electric cars.

New EV investment plan from Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi!

Allegedly, the Franco-Japanese alliance Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi will invest 20 billion euros in electric cars.

Toyota sold 1 million cars in Europe in 2021!

Toyota’s company, which operates in Europe, announced the company’s automobile sales in 2021 with the report it published. According to the published report, the company will increase in 2021 compared to last year.1,076,300 units, an increase of 8.4 percent automobile sales. This sales figure is the number of cars sold in Europe in 2021. 6.4 percent of forming.

The biggest contribution to this sales amount belongs to hybrid cars. The company’s hybrid technology cars will be launched in 2021. 623,777 units, an increase of 19 percent sold it. This number of sales represents the company’s total sales. 58 percent of forming. In addition, 3 percent of total sales (32,677 pieces) if the company plug-in hybrid creating models.

In addition, hydrogen fuel cell cars introduced by the company this year 701 pieces sold it. Electric car sales of the company in 2021:

  • BEV (All-electric cars) : 8,162 units (Toyota – 5,175, Lexus – 2,987)
  • PHEV (Rechargeable hybrid cars) : 32,677 units (Toyota – 29,690, Lexus – 2,987)
Toyota bZ4X

Toyotahas many goals for the transition to electric cars. company by 2030 30 fully electric cars wants to put it on the market. In addition, the company will bid farewell to internal combustion engines in Europe by 2035 and in European Union member states from 2035. only electric car sales will do.

When we look at the sales numbers in general, we see that the sales of electric cars are increasing gradually. The steps taken by countries play a major role in this increase. So, what are your thoughts? do you think eelectric cars Will it become more widespread in the coming years? Do not forget to give your comments and opinions below.

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