Tourism Sector Increases 30% After El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin

El Salvador’s Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez, said the tourism industry saw a 30% increase after they adopted Bitcoin as their legal currency.

Bukele, in his previous statement, said that El Salvador’s gross domestic product (GDP) will be in 2021. from 10% He said he had grown too big. After that, President Bukele stated that they will only accept bitcoin as legal tender in 2021. that they did not grow domestically At the same time, with the increase in tourists coming from abroad, from abroad He said there was a cash flow.

Commenting on the subject in an interview with News English on February 21, Valdez said:

We made an assessment to check the activity before and after Bitcoin. According to the evaluation, the tourism sector increased by 30% in November and December compared to the previous months.


The minister further noted that Bitcoin adoption has positively impacted the country. Number of tourists from the USA indicated an increase. Most visitors before legalizing Bitcoin from countries in Central America Valdez, who said that he came 60% from the United States is coming.” said.

Number of expected tourists as 1.1 million Explaining Valdez, Reaching 1.4 million tourists exceeded their expectations and the foreign exchange revenues from tourists from $1.4 million Said it was too much.

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