Touch Screen Wristwatch Produced by Casio 39 Years Ago

Touch screen watches are sold at very high prices these days. Most people think that these products appeared recently. What if we told you that Casio sold the first wristwatch with a touchscreen back in 1984?

We think that we witnessed the introduction of touch screens to smart watches for the first time a few years ago. Touch screen smartphones Of course, this information sounds quite right as it started to be introduced and put on the market gradually in the 2000s. But do touchscreen watches really belong to the 21st century?

Founded in 1946 by Casio The first product was a ring. This ring was designed to make it easier for people to hold objects such as cigarettes. At the same time, Casio’s ring, which ensures that the wearer’s hands remain empty, made the company a global brand.

After successful exit electronic calculators Foreseeing its success, the company became interested in this subject since 1949 and carried out R&D studies on it. Launching the first calculator with a keypad with 10 keys, Casio launched a new revolution, instead of the 3-window screen in its competitors.

When the year came to 1984, Casio used the calculator experience he had in those years. combined with wrist watch experience. Combining the wristwatch and calculator on the same product, Casio did something much more unusual than anticipated.

Casio introduced the touchscreen wristwatch in 1984:

The glass screen of the watch has touch feature It was used to do calculator operations. The numbers and signs drawn with fingers on the glass of the watch appeared on the small rectangular screen on the upper side of the watch, and thus the transactions were carried out. Indeed, the clock had more than that.

The Casio AT-552 touch screen watch is not only a calculator, but also a watch. even calorie counting was doing. It was truly amazing that such a complex technology was used and achieved success in 1984.


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