Total $242M Hack On Blockchain In June -Report

In June, a total of $242 million worth of hacking took place on Blockchain. “Rug pull” was the most frequently used method among these attacks.

The report published by Slowmist included hacking attacks that took place last month.

According to the report, the most used top 5 hacking methods in that:

  1. Rug Pull (Service provider company or network reset everything and disappear)
  2. Hacking via the Discord platform
  3. code abuse
  4. DNS theft
  5. Private Key concession

For the first time among the most used methods code abuse It ranks 3rd. This explains the many “centers” of blockchain technology today. indicates abuse.

In the report, the networks with the most hacking incidents are listed in this order:

  1. Elrond (EGLD) $113M
  2. Harmony (ONE) $100 Million
  3. Animoon (ANIMOON) $20 Million
  4. FSWAP $5 Million
  5. Osmosis (OSMO) $3 Million

Based on data from SlowMist In the first 6 months of 2022 The total amount of hacks that took place on the blockchain reached $2.2 billion.

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