Tons of Innovations in Google Search: Here are the Highlights

Google held the Search On 22 event, where it announced the new features it brought to the Search service. At the event, brand new features were announced that will make the user experience unique. Here are the highlights of Search On 22…

US-based tech giant Googleannounces brand new features that interest all users G Search On 22 carried out its activity. At this event, all the new features brought to the services offered by Google to users were announced. Now with you the G Search On 22 event. to the highlights we will look.

The first feature that draws attention in the statements made by the company is “Results Related to YouA new service called “. This feature, which is very important for anyone who uses the Internet, will notify users when personal information such as home address, phone number or e-mail address is revealed in the search results. In this way, the user can request the removal of that information. will take action.

Results About You will be available to everyone next year!

This is what the Results About You tool will look like.

As a matter of fact, in order to remove your information that has somehow fallen on the internet, you have to Google it. on request you could be found. However, until now, you were detecting this information yourself. The tool called Results About You will quickly scan the data on Google and warn users about the results it gets. The user will also send a request to Google to remove these results from the search results page.

When we look at the statements made by Google, we see that the feature has not yet in beta we see that. This means that the Results About You tool is currently not available to all users. However, if you are a lucky user, the beta version may have come to you. The company announced that the new feature in 2023 announced that it will be available for all users.

By the way; The Results About You tool will not delete your personal data from the entire internet. not to forget needs. Google will only remove the requested information within the Search page. In other words, it will be difficult for other users to access the information in question. Users who want to completely remove their information to website administrators will need to reach.

Google Searches will now show fuel consumption figures and annual fuel costs of cars

Another innovation added to the Google Searches service, most notably a new one. those who are considering buying a car for. According to the statements made by the company, when you go to Google and search for a car a few days later, that car factory fuel data and according to these data, you will see how much the annual fuel cost will be.

You will also be able to see the clothes you have already purchased!

Google frequently emphasized sustainability in its event. As a matter of fact, even the feature about cars sustainability It was a result of his anxiety. In this context; Another feature that was associated with it was clothing. Google Searches will keep records of the clothes users have purchased before. In the next process, when that garment is searched again, this product have been pre-purchased notification will be made. According to Google, this feature will also help users save money, he says.

This is not the only feature of Google’s shopping world. Users will then personalized they will have a shopping experience and will be able to instantly buy a product they see. In addition, when a store’s products are wanted to be searched, the developments related to that brand can be accessed instantly. Google Search, which will also start showing 3D and interactive images of products, starting to trend It will also show the products.

Forum sites will be shown more than before


In the statements made by Google, forum sites It was stated that it will be shown more than before. The reason for this is the importance given to real user reviews. For this, go to the Google Search service “Discussion and ForumsGoogle will add a new tag named “, so that users can instantly access user opinions on a searched topic. Topics on popular forums such as Reddit and Quora will be displayed in seconds.

News in different languages ​​will also be displayed on the home page

Another new feature will be available in early 2023. with the news relating to. Google Search will start to show the news of news sites in different languages ​​in the future. However, when Google, which will eliminate the language problem here, shows news in languages ​​other than the preferred languages, auto-translation will make.

With the “About This Result” feature, you’ll be able to control what you see and why

Google Search

Google’s brand new feature about search page results is “About This Result“. Users will be able to analyze why they see a search result using this tool. Moreover, thanks to this feature, they will also be able to get personalized results. dispensable. In this way, whichever search result everyone reaches, the user will reach that result.

Finding recipes and choosing a restaurant will become easier!

Google Search also brought a number of innovations to restaurants and food. One of these innovations is what products a restaurant is serving. come to the fore will show. Thus, users will be able to pre-determine which meal they will eat at a place they plan to visit. Moreover, the product prices will also appear. Also, when searching for a meal on Google, the recipe for that dish will appear directly on the results page.

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