Toncoin Validators Prepare To Suspend $2.5 Billion Tokens!

Toncoin validators linked to the world-famous messaging app Telegram are preparing to suspend $2.5 billion worth of inactive miner wallets on the network.

According to the announcement made by the TON developers, a vote is scheduled for the next month to suspend $2.5 billion worth of inactive TON. According to the details shared by the developers, the total supply is approximately 21.3%representing the More than 1 billion TON in total In 195 inactive wallets It was stated that he was waiting in a “stuck” way.

In the voting to be held next month, it will be voted by the community. over 75% favorable vote action will be taken to suspend. If approved, these assets belonging to miner wallets that have stopped their transactions on the network and have not been active for a long time. No action will be taken for 4 years.

In the statement made by the developers, these wallets are currently in circulation with the potential suspension. Clarity about TON supply It was stated that the active community participating in the open source project will continue to grow and develop.

On the other hand, if these inactive miner wallets become active before voting, they will not be subject to voting.

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