TONcoin (TON) Launches $250M Ecosystem Fund

Built on Tier-1 blockchain technology, TONcoin has launched a $250 million ecosystem fund.

The TON team made a statement on their official site on April 11, $250 million fund It aims to support founders built on The Open Network.

Companies that helped TON launch this $250 million ecosystem fund include; Huobi Incubator, Kucoin Ventures, MEXC Pioneer Fund, 3Commas Capital, Orbs, TON Miners and Kilo Fund is located.

According to the statement made by the TON Foundation, it will give grants to the projects it chooses.

Benjamin Rameau, Managing Partner of the TONcoin Fund, said in a statement on the subject:

The Open Network offers tremendous opportunities for blockchain technology adoption. TON could be the first blockchain with community-managed apps and Telegram integrations that millions of users can access very easily. We are also very excited to be able to support decentralized exchanges, NFT projects and dApps built on TON, thanks to the ecosystem fund.


In the statement made by the TON team, the TON blockchain He said that if they integrate with Telegram, they can reach 600 million users worldwide.

In December last year, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov supported Toncoin, the adaptation of TON Protocol, which Telegram had to leave in 2020.

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