Tomorrow is the Big Day at 11 Trillion Burning Meme Coin: Giant Burn Coming!

Baby Doge Coin is a meme coin project that has been causing a lot of excitement lately. According to the announcement made by the official Twitter account, a large amount of Baby Doge Coins will be sent to dead wallets in the next 24 hours. Furthermore, the Baby Doge Coin team reiterated the importance of successful burns through the burn portal and confirmed that five BabyDoge tokens will be burned for each token burn. Here are the details.

The exciting news was shared by the official Baby Doge Coin Twitter account. It has also been confirmed that for every token burned, five BabyDoges will be burned on the community’s official incineration portal. By the team behind the meme coin “Tomorrow is the big day. For every token burned on the incineration portal, we will burn 5 tokens.” description done.

As we previously reported, the BabyDoge burning portal was launched in mid-February to put the burning power in the hands of the community and ultimately reduce the meme coin supply. The Baby Doge Coin team thinks this new development will complement the community’s efforts. This approach once again demonstrates the community’s commitment to the project and the importance of successful incineration through the incineration portal.

Baby Doge Coin stands out as a very successful and stable project in burning. An estimated trillions of memes have been burned through the coin burn portal so far, and five times that could mean an enormous amount of burns.

This move caught the attention of investors and the community and caused great excitement. This big step for the Baby Doge Coin community is seen as an important step towards future growth and success.

3.63 quadrillion BabyDoges have been burned since the start of 2023

In addition, according to data shared by Burn BabyDoge today, quadrillions of tokens have been burned since 2023. Accordingly, 3.63 quadrillion tokens (3,638,488,857,435,276) worth $9,660,188 have been removed from circulation in the last three months.

So far, 204.28 quadrillion BabyDoges have been burned, 48.64% from the initial supply of 420 quadrillion. Meanwhile, 11.3 trillion (11,308,706,258,418) BabyDoge worth $30,296 has been removed from circulation in the last 24 hours.

BabyDoge is also experiencing growth in owner numbers, with 64,488 new owners added in the last three months. The current number of BabyDoge owners stands at 1,715,275.

You can follow the current price action here.

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