Togg’s Trugo charging stations are ready to install!

Togg received a license from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) for its own charging station brand, Trugo, last July. In August, it announced the start of the installation and testing process of the first stations. Today, he shared his new stations that came out of mass production.

Trugo charging stations are ready to install!

Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group or as it is known Togg’s It has 5 founding partners. These are Anadolu Group (23 percent), BMC (23 percent), Turkcell (23 percent), Zorlu Holding (23 percent) and TOBB (8 percent) respectively.

Zorlu Holding, on the other hand, has a big technology brand like Vestel under its roof. In this context, according to the sharing made by Trugo, Vestel undertook the task of producing new 180 kW charging stations exclusive to Trugo.

Togg’s partner introduced its new electric commercial model!

After the EMRA license agreement, Togg was expected to install at least 50 TruGo charging stations by 2023. As a matter of fact, the photos shared today showed us that these stations are ready. Of course, that’s not all.

According to the statement made last month, 1000 stations will be installed in 81 provinces in the first stage. This means that 2,000 vehicles can be charged at 180 kW via DC at the same time. Togg cars, which are charged with 180 kW at these stations, will fill between 20 and 80 percent in 25 minutes. In other words, vehicles will gain a range of 7.5 km per minute.

Trugo charger

Togg C-SUV features

Features Data disclosed
Engine 150 KW/ 300 KW
Horse power 200 HP/400 HP
0-100 acceleration <7.6 sec/ <4.8 sec
Range 300 km/ 500 km
autonomous driving level 3
wheelbase 2890mm
EuroNCAP 5 stars aiming
Engine options Rear-wheel drive/ All-wheel drive
Battery options 2 Packs
Charge Rapid charge technology
in 2023
From 20 percent to 80 recharges in 25 minutes
80 percent charge in 8 minutes in 2025

Togg release date

Model Vehicle type Introduction date Turkey release date European release date Engine
Togg SUV C-segment SUV 27 December 2019 March 18, 2023 2024 3rd quarter Electric
Togg Saloon C-segment Sedan 27 December 2019 In the 3rd to 4th quarter of 2024 Electric
Togg Hatchback Waiting by 2030 Electric
Togg Compact SUV B-segment SUV Waiting by 2030 Electric
Togg MPV Waiting by 2030 Electric

What do you think about Trugo charging stations? Do you think the shared data will be enough for the first stage? Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comments!

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