Togg’s mobile app: Trumore is out!

Togg, which is known as a domestic automobile brand by everyone in our country, but has turned into a global technology brand serving in the field of mobility, has launched its digital platform. Trumore‘s first point of contact mobile application App Store, Google Play and App Gallery offered through. Pre-order for domestic car The fact that it will be given over Trumore takes the application to a much more special point.

Togg aims to provide a personalized, user-oriented, smart and empathetic experience with new generation technologies such as fintech, insurtek, blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence with its mobile application Trumore, which it positions as a platform with strong collaborations and many different features.

The platform, which will be available for use only in Turkey at the first stage, was shared with experts in the field before being put into service, and was developed in line with their opinions and suggestions.

What does the Trumore app offer?

It is not necessary to have a Togg smart device to use the platform, it is only necessary to download the application and create an identity (ID). Earn.more, one of the products that make up the platform, covers the services that give the user a win, and includes fintech solutions that offer uninterrupted payment and rewarding experiences.

With the e-wallet within the scope of Earn.more services, it is possible to create in-car payment, mobile payment and digital asset wallet. Under digital asset management, various reward programs such as points, digital art collections and business model-based NFTs are offered to users.

Earn.more has digital magnet acquisition for users. This is a digital magnet created specifically for the person and the journey according to the route created by the user and the travel conditions at that time.

The unique digital works that are created by combining Go.more data and digital artworks with an artificial intelligence algorithm emerge as a product created with artificial intelligence, resembling a classical decorative magnet, but completely specific to the travel experience, as it is specific to the user’s destination.

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It also offers route suggestions and calculates carbon emissions.

Go.more offers location-based smart services that guide the user and suggest personalized routes. Services such as mixed mobility services, charging network, restaurant and reservation processes make the mobility experience of users uninterrupted.

With the savings calculator in the application, it is possible to benefit from services such as road toll calculation, electricity consumption calculation, carbon emission calculation.

A more fun life with gamification and digital art

Smart life solutions, usage-based insurance services, in-car and mobile game applications, smart health applications constitute Play.more services.

Explaining the concept of USE CASE Mobility with art, which is a universal language, Togg, in the concept of ‘Digital Art Mode’, ‘Human-Technology’, ‘East-West’, ‘Mind-Heart’, ‘Unity-Plurality’ and ‘Today-Tomorrow’ in the world of duality. makes the user experience the concepts.

With this application of Togg, which works with the world’s leading Turkish digital artists, users can reflect the digital arts they see on the smart device screen to their home TVs or digital screens.

A seamless experience with collaborations

Scale.more also offers an uninterrupted and integrated user experience with an ecosystem that is constantly developing and growing with collaborations. Togg has collaborated with Ava Labs, Trendyol, Hopi, Plug and Play, THY, Shell, Paycell, Metaco, Migros, ETIYA, SMART IX, BlindLook and Qualcomm so far.

Pre-order right with contest, lottery or NFT collection

In addition to all these experiences, it will also be possible to pre-order the Togg smart device through the Trumore platform. Users will be able to pre-order their Togg smart device through a contest they will participate in through the Trumore platform or by drawing lots if they wish. At the same time, within the scope of the NFT collection, which Togg will produce specially for the 100th anniversary of the Republic and put on sale by auction, there will be the right to participate in the pre-order and the priority of ranking for 2023 smart devices.

Domestic car orders start in February!

Togg CEO M. Gürcan Karakaş stated that they have expanded and expanded the mobility ecosystem with the Trumore digital platform and said;

“By redefining the mobility experience, we develop smart life solutions that will make their daily lives easier and more enjoyable for users. We are delighted to introduce these solutions to users on our Trumore digital platform.

We offer all the opportunities offered by the mobility ecosystem under the titles of Earn.more, Go.more, Play.more and Scale.more that make up our platform.

Our platform, which can process data and develop it with artificial intelligence, means a world that is more profitable, travels, entertains and constantly develops. With our application, we aim to provide users with an uninterrupted experience. On the way to our goal, we will open pre-orders in February and start to introduce our first smart devices to our users at the end of the first quarter.

We will deliver orders throughout 2023, with priority for individual users. There will also be the right to pre-order the Togg smart device through the Trumore platform.”

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