Togg has given the green light for mass production! Here is the date

Togg has been involved in the construction and installation of plants for a long time. It was aiming to start mass production by the last quarter of this year. In fact, it was announced that trial production had started as of last July. Today, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan shared the date of the first model to be released from mass production.

Togg has given the green light for mass production! When will the first car come off the band?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Those Who Add Value to Kocaeli Award Ceremony today. Here, he made some statements about domestic and national technologies. Among them was the serial production date of the long-awaited Togg C-SUV model. So when will Togg be off the tape?

According to the statement made by Erdogan, we will see the vehicle, which will be produced and sold by Togg, on October 29. The opening ceremonies of Gemlik facilities and factories will also be held on the same day. In other words, we can say that Togg will officially go into operation on this date.

Togg has started installing the TruGo charging station!

Togg has started installing the TruGo charging station!

As of today, Togg has started installing the TruGo charging station. It is said that for now, tests are ongoing on the first device. Here are the details…

Of course, the developments are not that much. The charging station will be tested until the first Togg model gets off the production line. Until they go on sale, these devices will be installed in many cities. The targeted number is to place a total of 1000 stations that can charge 2 vehicles at the same time in 81 provinces in the first place.

Togg C-SUV features

Features Data disclosed
Engine 150 KW/ 300 KW
Horse power 200 HP/400 HP
0-100 acceleration <7.6 sec/ <4.8 sec
Range 300 km/ 500 km
autonomous driving level 3
wheelbase 2890mm
EuroNCAP 5 stars aiming
Engine options Rear-wheel drive/ All-wheel drive
Battery options 2 Packs
Charge Rapid charge technology
in 2023
80 percent filling in 30 minutes
80 percent charge in 8 minutes in 2025

Togg release date

Model Vehicle type Introduction date Turkey release date European release date Engine
Togg SUV C-segment SUV 27 December 2019 2023 first quarter 2024 3rd quarter Electric
Togg Saloon C-segment Sedan 27 December 2019 In the 3rd to 4th quarter of 2024 Electric
Togg Hatchback Waiting by 2030 Electric
Togg Compact SUV B-segment SUV Waiting by 2030 Electric
Togg MPV Waiting by 2030 Electric

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