Today Is Critical For These 45 Altcoins: Here’s The To-Be List!

Today, the cryptocurrency and altcoin world is focused on a number of important events. Today, various crypto projects and developments are preparing to gain a solid place in the industry. We are also witnessing a day full of expectations and potential movements in the market, from anticipated product launches to important announcements. Here are the details of today’s developments…

Today, this is very critical for altcoin projects

  • PLEXUS IDO will be held today by (SFUND).
  • Today, Beta Finance (BETA) will launch the Omni V2 beta.
  • Enjinstarter (ENJ) is running the ZOGI Labs IDO.
  • DIA and Origin will hold a joint question and answer event today.
  • Altcoin Casper will hold a question and answer event today.
  • Bad Idea AI (BAD) will hold a Q&A event with USA Crypto Group today.
  • NEXO will announce its product roadmap today.
  • Qmall, BSW, HAY, PUNDIX will hold the question and answer event today.
  • HTX will list Cobak today.
  • Bitrue; It will delist 17 coins today, including CUDOs, CTX, BEPRO, DOSE, DPET, ATRI.
  • The Sandbox (SAND) is holding its SandFam Manila meeting today.
  • XEC is rolling out the Electrum ABC 5.2.10 update today.
  • Galxe will hold a question and answer event with Good Entry.
  • DAO and MKR will make statements about Spark developments.
  • Dopex (DPX) will hold a question and answer event via Twitter Spaces.
  • Bybit will hold a question and answer event with Virtua.
  • Sovryn (SOV) is rolling out its developer update today.
  • GODS will be releasing a patch for Gods Unchained.
  • BENQI (QI) launched XQI today.
  • Indodax lists Connex today.
  • Indodax lists MEME today.
  • Bybit lists Pyth Network today.
  • Dynex is removing its privacy feature today.
  • Concordium will hold a question and answer session with Golisto.
  • TokenPocket Token is rolling out its V1.9.1 Android update today.
  • ANKR will talk to Renzo Protocol today.
  • KNC and SDEX integration will take place today.
  • Uquid Coin integrates with Bee Network, HyperPay and MetaTdex today.
  • PancakeSwap is holding the VeCake vote today.
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What is the latest situation in the market?

Meanwhile, Bitcoin and other coins are losing momentum. Bitcoin’s failed attempt to breach the $38,000 mark last week resulted in a massive and sudden price rejection that sent the cryptocurrency south below $36,000. The bulls stopped this move and did not allow any further decline. Despite being pushed lower, BTC is still trading above $37,000 as of now. Its market capitalization remained just under $730 billion, but its dominance over altcoins increased slightly on CMC to 51.7%.

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