Tips to Become Visible on LinkedIn

Did you know that you can be much more visible by actively using LinkedIn, the professional social media platform of the business world? We told you the tips you can apply to use LinkedIn much more actively, which will open the doors you never expected in the business world.

LinkedIn, In its simplest definition, it is the social media platform of the business world. Here you interact with your colleagues, employees, managers, customers and potential new business. Like many social media platforms LinkedIn also cares about its active users And the more active you are on this platform, the more your visibility will increase.

Using LinkedIn actively You can open doors that you never expected in the business world. For this, you need to use the platform actively as well as effectively. Many users say that they do not have time to actively use the platform, but even 10 minutes a day will be enough. LinkedIn Let’s take a closer look at the tips you can apply to use the platform much more actively.

Tips you need to know to use LinkedIn more actively:

  • Confirm the skills of your connections.
  • Like and comment on the posts.
  • Interact with your connections.
  • Expand your network, but do not rush.
  • Make up-to-date posts.
  • Join LinkedIn groups.
  • Feel free to send a private message.

Confirm your connections’ skills:

All LinkedIn users have some skills that they share on their profile along with their resume. The software they use subjects they specialize in and some skills, such as the fields in which they are trained, are among the information that makes LinkedIn users stand out. You should add them too.

The first step you can take to use LinkedIn more actively is to go into the profile of a connection whose skills you really trust, and approve their skills. Thus, you take the first step of an effective communication with this person. However, before giving approval, it is useful to make sure that the person has mastered this skill.

Like and comment on posts:


Although LinkedIn is a platform for the business world with professionals, the social media aspect should not be forgotten. Social media means; Comment means like. Your connections make dozens of posts every day. You can just browse through them, but that’s not being active on LinkedIn.

Take a few minutes each day to check your homepage feed. Like the ones you like about the shared posts, Comment what interests you. But don’t get carried away with two or three word comments just for the sake of commenting. Share your opinion on the subject clearly as a comment without further ado.

Interact with your links:


with your LinkedIn connections the only way to interact not liking and commenting on their posts. If you look at your LinkedIn notifications, you’ll see your connections’ birthdays, whether they just got a new job, or have been at their current job for a while.

Interact instead of seeing and passing these notifications. Celebrate new jobs, birthdays, new years at work for your LinkedIn connections. By paying attention to your professional style Be sure to write a sincere congratulatory message that everyone will like.

Expand your network but take your time:


Building a wide network on LinkedIn, other social media platforms It is much more valuable than gaining followers. Because the people in this LinkedIn network that you will create may be your customer, manager or colleague in the future. Remember this place is for business.

Don’t just add every link that comes your way to expand your LinkedIn network. Go step by step. Add one today, another tomorrow. Add people in your workplace first, then people you work in the same industry, to your network without haste. After a short while, you took a look and you had a LinkedIn network where you dominate your industry.

Make up-to-date posts:


No matter what sector you work in, it is extremely important to follow the agenda of the market. You may be following your industry, but If you don’t announce this to your LinkedIn network with your posts, it only means personal development.

Although it is up to you on what topics you will share, especially those related to your own sector. Do not forget to share about the developments. People in your LinkedIn network will learn your thoughts through these shares and see that you are a follower of the agenda.

Join LinkedIn groups:


Although not known to many users, LinkedIn also has groups just like Facebook. Sure, LinkedIn groups aren’t as fun as Facebook groups, but to meet people in your industry They offer an unmissable opportunity.

When you open the LinkedIn platform, search for some keywords that you think are in the group name in the search bar. You will come across many groups related to the keyword. Among these Join groups that interest you interacting is extremely important for active use of LinkedIn.

Feel free to private message:


Private message subject because it creates question marks in many users We saved this topic for last. Sending private messages on LinkedIn to people you are not intimate with is a worry for many. But you don’t have to hesitate. Feel free to send a private message as long as you pay attention to your style.

To your LinkedIn connections don’t ask how they are by sending a private message of course. For example, if you have detailed thoughts about a post they made that cannot be written in the comments, you can send a private message. In this way, you can attract the attention of your potential customers, managers and colleagues.

To be much more visible by using LinkedIn actively we talked about some tips you can apply and we explained the points you should pay attention to about this platform. Even if many people don’t care, LinkedIn has been one of the most frequently compared platforms between employees and employers in recent years.

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