Tim Cook talked about the home repair program!

Apple is committed to not repairing its own products in unauthorized service centers around the world. one of the strictest companies known as. On the other hand, the COMPANY announced that it will provide users with the opportunity to repair their own devices, surprising everyone in this November. Apple CEO Tim Cookshared the reasons for this decision with the press.

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Tim Cook: “We did what the users wanted”

Before coming to the statements made by the Apple CEO, let’s take a look at the details of the program announced by Apple. Apple official who made a statement in November Jeff Williams He stated that they have been working for a long time so that users can access Apple’s repair kits.

According to the information from the Apple front, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users are in the new era.e-screen, battery and camera They will be able to repair the damage in the main modules of their devices, such as, in their own homes. Moreover, these repair kits are available for users to perform the repair step-by-step. written instructions will also be added. It was also shared that the program, which will be launched only for the USA for now, will be opened to the whole world in the new period.


From KTLA on the subject Rich DeMuro Apple boss conducting an interview with Tim Cook, He said that users have been waiting for this program for a long time. Cook, for users who feel competent in repairing Apple StoreHe added that they want to eliminate the obligation to come to the .

Here are Tim Cook’s statements:

“We noticed that a number of users want to repair their devices themselves and are already trained on this. This is a community that has caught my attention and loved it all my life. It feels good to provide the necessary spare parts and provide instructions for people who can do this.

If you still don’t feel comfortable with the repair, we still recommend that you come and have it done at the Apple Store. Perhaps this is the best way for many of our customers… But if you are a technician and you believe you can do it, we will provide you with the necessary facility.”

Tim Cook

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