Tim Cook speaks for the first time about Apple AR/VR glasses

Apple has been around for a while. VR/AR glasses We know you’re working on it. Although there is no official statement from the company yet, even the operating system called realityOS has been leaked. First official information about Apple VR, company CEO Tim Cook may have been disclosed.

Tim Cook may have accidentally verified Apple AR

To date, no Apple executive has made public statements about AR initiatives. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook used expressions implying that the company is working on an AR device. CEO Cook, VR/AR hardware He confirmed that they had formed a team to research it.

Critical decision from Apple: Name change on new iPhones!

Apple comes with a surprise in the new series. A surprising name change awaits us in the iPhone 14 series.

Speaking to China Daily USA, Tim Cook evaluated what needs to be considered in devices to be successful in the AR market. The CEO stated that the company wants to do more than just AR software. “We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities we see in this space,” he said.

Cook, who did not neglect to make ambitious statements about AR / VR technologies during the interview, still Not certified AR device. However, the company executive’s statements show that Apple definitely wants to offer a product in this market.

“Stay tuned, you will see what we have to offerTim Cook said that they will use what they learned from the AR experience on iPhone and iPad on their other devices.

According to the leaked claims, Apple is working on two different glasses. First, Meta’s Project Cambria It will look like its prototype, which combines AR and VR experience. The other will be fed by classic VR technologies. Apple Glasses will be.


Former analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Apple Glasses He said that the device, which is claimed to come with the name, will act as a screen for the iPhone, similar to the first generation Apple Watch. In the published report, it is stated that the company is already planning the second generation of the device, which will be introduced towards the end of 2024, together with the new AR glasses.

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