Tim Cook Bought 10 Million Dollars Mansion

Introducing the new iPhone 13 models in the past weeks, Apple CEO Tim Cook bought a huge mansion that will amaze those who see it. The money Cook paid for this mansion located in La Quinta, a very special settlement in Southern California, is exactly 10.1 million dollars.

The wealth of Apple CEO Tim Cook and the money he receives from Apple have been controversial for a long time. For successfully holding the position of CEO for 10 years last month $750 million premium from Apple Cook bought himself a huge mansion with a tiny fraction of his money.

Choosing to buy his mansion in La Quinta, Southern California, from the Madison Club, known as the home of world famous stars, Cook’s new, exactly 9 thousand 956 square meters. Built on approximately one acre of land, the mansion has five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Names like Phil Knight and Cindy Crawford live near Cook.

Tim Cook’s that his new neighbors are just as famous as he is. we can say. People living in multi-million dollar mansions include Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Nike founder Phil Knight and world-famous star Cindy Crawford.

There are some differing opinions on how much the famous CEO paid for his new mansion. Public records show that Cook paid $9.1 million for this mansion, while US real estate data indicates he paid $10.1 million. Whatever the price he pays, Cook’s only Even the 750 million dollars he received as a premium can collect from these mansions. is showing.

Images from Tim Cook’s new mansion:

tim cook mansion

tim cook new mansion

tim cook mansion

tim cook mansion madison club

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