TikTok Will Convert Your Typed Texts To Images

TikTok, surprisingly, has now rivaled Dall-E. The popular social media platform has announced a camera effect that converts text to images so users can create distinctive backgrounds.

TikTok, which shook Facebook’s reign in social media in just a few years and enabled the short video format to become the ‘standard’ all over the internet from Instagram to YouTube, is now keeping an eye on its popularity, especially with artificial intelligence tools such as Dall-E. to artificial intelligences that transform text into images looks like it was planted.

TikTok, which rivals even Google Search with its existing and working features, has the application’s camera tool ‘AI greenscreenAdded a new effect called ‘ (Green screen artificial intelligence). With this effect, users write a text to the tool and the artificial intelligence transforms the text into an image and presents a special background to that user.

TikTok’s artificial intelligence does not perform as well as Dall-E; but there is a good reason!

To be honest, TikTok AI greenscreen gives very simple results compared to advanced text rendering tools such as Google’s Imagen or OpenAI’s Dall-E 2, which we have been hearing a lot lately. The images are both Doesn’t look ultra realistic as well as largely wallpaper-like abstract images emerge.

In fact, the reason why TikTok does not offer users such an advanced ‘tool’ as Dall-E 2 is strategic. As you can imagine, the more advanced the tool, the more load it will put on the device. with users from all economic classes It’s not something TikTok would really want.

TikTok’s artificial intelligence does not create nudity or violent content

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More importantly, on a platform with more than 1 billion active users, users can write anything they can. converting to ultra-realistic images Offering the opportunity may bring about new ethical, moral or criminal discussions.

Because users use the tool 18+ content that could be considered ‘crime’ They can even create. For example, the aboveDonald Trump assassination“, “Joe Biden Assassination” and “Boris Johnson assassination” you can look at the results. The fact that the output is abstract prevents the emergence of terrible images.

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A similar situation applies to images containing nudity. As you can see in the example below, artificial intelligence “naked anime girl“, “Nude model at the beach“, “sensual blonde modelInstead of outputs that can cause problems for the platform when texts such as ” are written abstract images makes up.

This tool of TikTok is important in two ways. First; this artificial intelligence tool TikTok, unlike Instagram, which we can call its biggest competitor. content that encourages users to create content It shows that you care more. Latter; text-to-image technology has come to TikTok, albeit in a rudimentary version, showing that it will become a mainstream technology.


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