TikTok User Swallowed AirPod While Wanting to Take Pills

A new one has been added to the AirPod swallowing cases. The famous TikTok user explained how he swallowed the AirPod earphones with the videos he shared and how the audio recording he sent to his friend recorded the sounds in his stomach.

Before the end of 2021, another strong candidate came to the list of ‘weirdest news of the year’. Sometimes we may not be very aware of what we are doing in a moment of distraction during the day. Popular TikTok user Carli B. (@iamcarliiib) also experienced one of the most extreme examples of this. According to what he said in the TiKTok video he took, he accidentally swallowed the AirPod earphone he was holding in his other hand while trying to drink the pain reliever called ‘Ibuprofen’.

He described how he swallowed the AirPod as follows:

“When you settle in bed Ibuprofen in one hand 800 mg and In my other hand, the left one of the AirPod earphones there was. I went to put the earphone in its case and put it in without looking and threw it back. Then I took the water bottle and drank the medicine but then I realized It wasn’t the medicine I was taking. I tried to vomit but it didn’t come. I’m going crazy!”

In the second half of the video, he states that the videos he uploaded immediately after the incident were removed from the platform. Carli B., who re-uploaded the original video in this way, says she is not the first person to experience this and shares this event for educational purposes.

The voicemail he sent to his friend recorded the voice coming from his stomach:

“Everything is OK. I shared that I threw the earphones from my body from the X-ray movie in a video I uploaded. I did not get the headset back again but i’m sure i got it out of my body. I knew it was in my stomach and I know it’s not anymore. I learned this in a very funny way too. Here it is AirPod to my friend voicemail saying I swallowed my headphones. But he said he didn’t understand anything. Because it’s so obvious sound from my stomach was coming. I didn’t realize my phone was still connected to the headset because the other one wasn’t connected to my phone and was sitting in its case.”


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As he said, the first person to appear in the headlines by swallowing AirPod earphones is not a TikTok user named Carli B. However, such cases were not uncommon when using wired headphones. Maybe ‘wired’ Fashion must come back. What are your thoughts on this subject? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done in a moment of distraction? You can share it with us in the comments section.

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