TikTok-like Spotify Discover feature appeared!

TikTok style, short video on vertical screen Spotify joined the list of companies inspired by the format. Sweden-based digital music and podcast platform will make it easier to find new songs ‘Discover’ added the section to its mobile application. In this streaming section, which will be constantly renewed, users will be able to find the ones they like among millions of music archives by swiping the screen.

The way TikTok works, which has passed 1 billion monthly users, has affected its competitors. Meta released the Instagram Reels feature worldwide in August 2020, giving social media users a private environment where they can share short videos. Netflix, which is announced to contribute 583 million TL to the Turkish economy, ‘Quick Fun’ It has a vertical short video feature.

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Existing Spotify Canvas videos from artists will be used

The new feature was spotted by social media user Chris Messina. In his post on his Twitter account, he clicked on the navigation bar in the Spotify mobile app. ‘Discover’ Reporting that the tab was added, Messina also published the screen video while this episode was running.

When you tap the Explore button, you will see the vertical video streaming section of Spotify directly. Here you can see short music videos. Also, just like in TikTok, you can switch between songs by swiping up on the screen with your finger. Thus, making it easy for users to discover music, Spotify offers artists a new way to publish their music.

According to the information obtained, Spotify will use the artists’ Canvas videos for the content it shows in the Discover section. Introduced in 2019, the Canvas feature allows artists to create videos that accompany their songs in the Spotify app. Some users are just on the song’s page. the cover of the album They said they wanted to see it and didn’t like Canvas.

The company made a statement about the new Discover feature offered to beta users as part of iOS TestFlight. Confirming that they are working on the vertical short video format, Spotify said, “We routinely run a series of tests to improve the user experience. Some of these tests pave the way for our broader user experience, and others serve only as an important learning function. We have no further news to share at this time.” used the phrases.

How did you find the new feature? Do you think it is necessary for Spotify? Do not forget to share your ideas in the comments.

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