TikTok Launches ‘Dislike’ Feature

TikTok launched the ‘dislike’ button, which it started testing in April, all over the world. Let’s take a look at the details of the new feature that will allow you to dislike comments.

based in china TikTokWith more than 1 billion users, it is among the most popular social media platforms in the world. For this reason, the popular application tries to improve the user experience by introducing new features frequently. The platform recently launched the TikTok Now application, which draws attention with its similarity to BeReal, all over the world.

TikTok, operating under the umbrella of ByteDance, announced in April that it is working on a new feature that users will love. This feature is no longer available in the app.dislike’ It showed that the button will also be included. Now, it has been announced that the feature, which has been tested for a while, is available all over the world.

How to use dislike comments feature on TikTok?

TikTok, with its statement today, shared that it will now be possible to ‘dislike’ comments on platforms. The feature introduced for users to identify comments they deem irrelevant or inappropriate, from the comments section can be used. As you can see from the screenshot shared by TikTok, there is a button to the right of the ‘like’ icon in the comments. ‘dislike’; i.e. ‘dislike’ button will appear. The new feature can be used by clicking here.

The company says that when the ‘dislike’ button is pressed, the commenter will not receive a notification. Also, a comment It will not be seen how many people dislike it. is stated. That is, unlike the ‘like’ button, there will be no number next to the ‘dislike’ button. In addition, it will be possible to undo your activity by clicking the same button again.

“We created this as a way to get direct feedback from our users,” TikTok said in a statement about the feature. The popular short video platform said that the feature was not developed to report comments, users still complain about hate speech, bullying, etc. He added that it should apply the same standard things to report content that contains things.


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With its new move, TikTok has joined the platforms with the ‘dislike’ feature. As known on YouTube There’s also a ‘dislike’ feature that lets you show you don’t like the videos. This platform also does not show everyone how many people dislike the content, as TikTok does now. on the other hand reddit It also has a button like this. Finally, it turned out that Twitter has been working on such a feature in the past months.

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