TikTok ban from the European Union Commission!

TikTok, which has caught a big break in recent years, is undoubtedly one of the largest social media platforms in the world. The platform, which has been adopted by a significant audience with the number of users exceeding 1.5 billion, has been under pressure from high authorities recently.

EU Commission bans its staff from using TikTok

According to many claims, TikTok leaks some important information to China. As such, it is subject to pressure from the USA and the European Union (EU) for security and privacy reasons. According to the news in Politico, the EU Commission ordered its staff to remove the TikTok application. According to the information shared, the staff was given time until March 15.

Although tensions rise between the EU Commission and TikTok, the platform is under more pressure from the US. Last year, TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, came under investigation for harboring some personnel who smuggled data to China. So much so that the company accepted these claims, albeit implicitly.

Snapchat emulated TikTok!

Snapchat emulated TikTok!

Snapchat announced that with the Sounds feature, users can add songs, excerpts from movies and their own voices to posts.

Last summer, the Federal Communications Board (FCC) made an important request to Apple and Google. FCC official Brendan Carr made an open call to these companies in a two-page letter. Carr had asked the App Store and Google Play to remove TikTok. Although there has been no change since then, the US Senate is increasing its pressure on companies.

EU Commission TikTok

In the past months, it was revealed that TikTok employees accessed user data without permission and leaked this information. Acknowledging the incident, TikTok parent company ByteDance announced that it had fired four of its employees who understood it to be spying.

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