TikTok Announces New Features to Protect Its Users

With the new feature it announced, TikTok will now warn its users according to annoying search results. Taking a step towards content that may affect the psychological health of underage users, TikTok aims to be more reliable with this feature it announced.

TikTok, which was launched in 2016 and has been the focus of criticism since it began to spread, increase credibility It develops various new features for One of the biggest reasons TikTok has come under criticism is that its content is for users under a certain age. unsuitable target is displayed.

Aware of these criticisms, TikTok aims to be a more reliable application for existing or new users. in search results made a change. According to the change made, as a result of the search disturbing The searcher will be warned against encountering content. Users who want to continue with the search result will only have to press the button that appears.

Notifications in search results will be strengthened

Thanks to the new feature, users will be notified before they see the offensive content. TikTok will warn the user of a possible disturbing image that may appear as a result of the search. This innovation is introduced by TikTok, “As part of our ongoing efforts to keep our community safe, we’re removing our current warning label for sensitive content. As of September we are updating”.

Will direct to support organizations:

Another innovation that will come into play, especially together, is that the application will not harm the user in case of a search for words such as “suicide”, which indicates that the user has a tendency to harm himself. to the support organization to guide. When these words are searched, the application will find a support organization based on the user’s region and offer the user the option to redirect to the organization.