Thyssen-Krupp receives multi-billion dollar submarine order from Israel

Submarine in the dock at Thyssen-Krupp in Kiel

The purchase of the three submarines is based on a 2017 agreement between Israel and Germany.

(Photo: dpa)

Tel Aviv According to Israeli information, Israel and Germany have finally agreed on a multi-billion dollar submarine deal with Thyssen-Krupp in Kiel. It is therefore about the purchase of three submarines of the new “Dakar” class, which had been on hold for years due to allegations of corruption in submarine deals with Israel. The first submarine is to be delivered to Israel within nine years, the Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday. The cost of the business would be around three billion euros. The federal government bears part of the costs.

Corruption proceedings against several parties involved in the submarine business are ongoing in Israel. Ex-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also questioned, but was not considered a suspect. He was accused of enforcing submarine deals against the will of the military and Department of Defense. The current government under Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is also planning a committee of inquiry.

However, Germany is still willing to support the sale. The German government justified its commitment in the past with Germany’s special responsibility for Israel’s security. In Germany, investigations into the case were discontinued at the end of 2020 due to a lack of “sufficient suspicion” in Germany.

The purchase of the three submarines is based on a 2017 agreement between Israel and Germany. In the past, the deal was estimated at 1.8 billion euros, according to the German Defense Ministry. According to this, Germany had planned a subsidy of up to 570 million euros for the purchase until 2027. According to Haaretz, the federal government was not willing to increase its share.

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According to the official announcement, those involved also agreed on a strategic industrial cooperation of more than 850 million euros. The money is to be invested in Israeli companies, including those in the defense sector.

Israel already has six submarines from Kiel. The three new submarines will then gradually replace older models from 2027. The deliveries of the submarines to Israel are controversial because, according to experts, they can theoretically be equipped with nuclear weapons.

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