Thuringia: Prosecutor sure – hunter shot child to care case | Regional

Gera – The shot hit the family while barbecuing!

The nine-millimeter bullet first penetrated a ceiling hung as a privacy screen, then the arm and hips of the daughter (then 6), and finally hit a metal box.

Did it come from the rifle of Axel Gerd J. (34)? Since yesterday the gardener and hobby hunter has been tried in the Gera district court. Accusation: negligent bodily harm

During a harvest hunt in July 2018, he is said to have fired the fateful shot that strayed at the family’s dacha and eventually hit the girl. The father as a witness: “Jana suddenly stumbled, fell into the pool.” Then she bled everything.

Jens M. (31) continues: “Even today, my daughter is in constant pain and is in therapy.” In short, she is shitty. “

Jens and Nicole M.’s daughter was hit and seriously injured

Photo: Marcus Scheidel / MAS picture agency

Jana still has problems walking, cannot go to the school yard, and goes to bed in the evenings with pain. She needs a school companion and regularly goes to physiotherapy, a psychiatrist and a pediatrician.

The prosecutor said the accident was predictable and avoidable. The defendant knew that there was insufficient bullet trap available.

Axel Gerd J. is silent on the allegations. He faces three years imprisonment.

At the time, the police investigated several hunters and seized their rifles. Lawyer Günter Heine now wants an appointment with the court at the scene of the accident to determine whether the projectile from his client’s weapon actually injured the child.

The process continues.