Those who watch illegal matches are in shock! Police can raid your house

Many TV series and movies, especially sports competitions, are watched on the internet with the methods they live in. Especially in our country, it is known that the Super League matches are watched by millions of people. Allegedly, the General Directorate of Security took action on complaints about the issue. If you’re watching a fugitive soccer game, the cops might be on your doorstep. Here are the details…

If you are watching illegal matches, the penalty can be heavy!

According to the news shared by Fotospor today, an operation will be carried out by the EGM on those who watch the Super League matches illegally, upon the complaint of the TFF, Club Association and BeinSports. Afterwards, they will be warned that they may undergo a major investigation.

Allegedly, it is stated that warning raids will be carried out on more than a thousand households in the first place. In fact, not only Turkey, but also the police of Germany, the Netherlands and France will intervene in illegal broadcast networks that share the Super League matches abroad.

In this way, it is planned to prevent the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the industry through illegal match broadcasts. Of course, although these operations will not be enough to completely end illegal broadcasts, they will regain a large part of the loss.

News is updating…

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