Those Who Buy Ethereum (ETH) Instead of iPhone Are Rich!

The iPhone launched the iPhone 13 yesterday evening. The sales prices of the iPhone 13 in Turkey, which went on sale at a price of $ 1000, were also announced. Accordingly, prices vary between 11,000 TL and 23,000 TL.

It would not be wrong to make a comparison with the iPhone in order to better understand the rise and profitability of cryptocurrencies.

Apoorv Lather account made a post showing how the iPhone price melted against Ethereum. Accordingly, when you buy the following models when they first come out, you see how much Ethereum is worth.

iPhone 6s: 690.41 ETH
iPhone 7: 52.17 ETH
iPhone 8: 2.49 ETH
iPhone 10: 3.37 ETH
iPhone 11: 3.70 ETH
iPhone 12: 1.96 ETH
iPhone 13: 0.24 ETH

This table also shows how cryptocurrencies protect against inflation. Because the prices of products are constantly melting against cryptocurrencies.

It is also possible to look at the table from this angle, but this can be a bit annoying. If someone who bought the iPhone 6s when it first came out bought Ethereum with the same money instead and kept it until today, they would have 690 Ethereums today.

The present value of 690 Ethereum is approximately $2.3 million. With this money, you can buy 2300 iPhone 13s today.

*Not Investment Advice.

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