Those who broadcast Twitter Spaces will be paid 2 thousand 500 dollars a month!

Twitter Spaces is now Clubhouse’s biggest competitor. Both platforms, which took place in order to retain the user base, quality in publications. wants it to increase. Clubhouse announced a rewards program in the past months to motivate broadcasters. Now, Twitter has taken a similar step and the money that can be given to broadcasters has been announced.

Instagram has announced two new tools for live broadcasting!

Popular social media giant Instagram has announced new live broadcast features that users have been waiting for a long time.

Twitter Spaces publishers can get regular payouts

Twitter wants their content on Spaces to become better quality. Since there is no advertising service on the platform, there are not many ways for those who want to earn income by broadcasting. Twitter, in order to be a motivation for quality publishers ‘Twitter Spaces Spark ProgramA support program called announced.

Publishers who want to receive monthly payments with this program must meet certain conditions. For financial support Publishers who will buy are asked to regularly produce quality content on the platform. Although there is no explanation about the quality standards of the content yet, the conditions described in that:

  • be over 18 years old
  • Having 5,000 ‘active followers’
  • Being a resident of the USA (This requirement may be removed in the coming months)
  • Publish at least two Spaces per week

Those deemed eligible for the program are announced $2,500 every month with support 500 dollars will also receive advertising credits on Twitter. So your posts to more people and you can take this work one step further with the financial assistance provided.

Twitter Spaces

Clubhouse before three months announced a program and the fee paid in that program It was $5,000. We wonder how much attention this program will get, considering it’s twice the help Twitter will pay.

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