This Week Is Critical For Those 38 Altcoins: Here’s What’s Happening List

This Week Is Critical For Those 38 Altcoins: Here's What's Happening List

This Week Is Critical For Those 38 Altcoins: Here’s What’s Happening List

We will witness a number of important developments in the altcoin market between 12-18 February 2024. This week’s roundup of news includes developments in various areas, from mainnet launches of UniLend V2 and Onyx Protocol Currency Market V2 to exchange listings of cryptocurrencies such as Verge (XVG), SX Network (OLD) and Verasity (VRA). Additionally, important developments in the industry, such as the partnership between the ApeX Protocol and CamelotDEX, are beginning to be examined.

It is critical for altcoin projects today

12 February

  • Exciting launches: UniLend V2 and Onyx Protocol Money Market V2 are now available on mainnets.
  • Exchange listings: Verge (XVG), SX Network (OLD) and Verasity (VRA) were listed on CoinW, BitMart and respectively.
  • Partnerships: ApeX Protocol and CamelotDEX, Pandora and Wasabi Protocol, and Pandora and Particle Trade have joined forces.
  • Swell Network launches Composable Stable Pool with EtherFi and Renzo.
  • Casper Network and AlchemyPay integration has made cryptocurrency purchases easier.
  • Avalanche Network’s Durango upgrade brings AWM to C-Chain.
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February 13

  • At the DeFi on ICP AMA, you will learn about Helix Markets’ ICP launch.
  • The Primer community will come together for major Q1 updates.
  • The Stratos AMA session will share developments and updates.
  • Rising startups will take the stage at MultiversX Startup Demo Day.
  • MultiversX xTalks NodeJS meeting will discuss blockchain technology.
  • Pyth Network DAO voting will begin.
  • At the AMA about Concordium data, the innovations offered by the project will be discussed.
  • Bad Idea AI and MOS will learn about Web3 and SHARDs at the AMA.
  • TokenFi Token Launcher will be available on mainnet.
  • Voting for XPLA Gov Proposal #57 will begin.
  • The future of the project will be discussed at the LCX Twitter Space AMA.
  • Cornucopias Node Sale Tier 2 will begin.
  • The cryptocurrency market will be evaluated at Bitget and Navi Protocol AMA.
  • The vision of the project will be shared at the Oasys AMA.
  • The DAO Constitution will be discussed at the Pyth Network Town Hall meeting.
  • TRESTLE and Rain Coin will be listed on MEXC.
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February 14, 2024:

  • TPRO Network test network will be available.
  • Meme AI Coin will be listed on MEXC Global.
  • DAO Maker Lynex SHO will launch.
  • and STYLE Protocol IGO will take place.

February 15, 2024:

  • Aragon Dex-Trade crazy will happen.
  • Open Campus OCP-5 DAO voting will begin.
  • DAO Maker Hover Market SHO will start.
  • DIA governance vote airdrop will take place.
  • Altcoin ApeCoin ApeChain L2 voting will begin.
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February 16, 2024:

  • FLOKI Valhalla game has been released.
  • FINSCHIA FGP-23 voting will begin.
  • KRYZA Exchange holder airdrop will take place.
  • Applications will open for the Radiant Capital ARB qualification.
  • PancakeSwap Traverse NFT demand will be realized.

February 17, 2024:

  • FrontFanz will be listed on XT.COM.
  • Sumer.Money suBTC and Meter & Sumer voting will begin.
  • Web3 and game developments will be discussed in Cartesi Community Call #10.
  • KRYZA Exchange KRD special sale will begin.
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February 18, 2024:

  • PancakeSwap ChefFranPS will talk about the future of DeFi at U-HackWeb3.
  • Solana Blockchain Developers Berlin event will take place.
  • Finceptor Fuel Network OTC sales will begin.
  • Finceptor Metahorse Unity IDO will take place.
  • KRYZA Exchange Seed Sale for Holders will begin.

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This Week Is Critical For Those 38 Altcoins: Here’s What’s Happening List

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