This time Amazon is in the focus of reactions because of the search results!

Billionaire Jeff Bezos Founded in 1994 by Amazon, this time criticized. Based in Washington, USA e-commerce focused company is listed as one of the five largest companies in the world. However, from time to time we see negative news. Finally, it was claimed that the e-commerce giant made unfair competition in the search results.

An investigation came to Trendyol from the Competition Authority!

An investigation came from the Competition Authority for Trendyol. In this context, it was claimed that he violated the Law No. 4054. Here are the details…

Amazon is promoting its own products

tech site The Markupconducted an extensive study. First, the team created a list of 3,492 popular product searches. They then ran these searches on the desktop without signing in and analyzed the first page of results.

The research showed that Amazon places its own brands high in search results. Moreover, Amazon products higher rated It was even above competing products.

Amazon product search

The study, published today, is Amazon’s unfair competition revealed what he did. However, Amazon denied the results of this study. “We do not favor our store-branded products in search results,” a spokesperson for Amazon said in an emailed statement. said.

By contrast, the report argues that the company’s brands make up a small portion of all products reviewed, but still occupy a large portion of the top rankings in search results.

Criticism of e-commerce company Amazon
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In the search results included in the report, 37.4 percent of Amazon brands or specialties were neither labeled as “our brands” nor AmazonBasics or Whole Foods It bore a name associated with companies such as Thus, many customers were unaware that they were purchasing an Amazon brand or an Amazon-exclusive product.

An Amazon spokesperson said, “The type and quantity of product shown to the customer depends on the customer’s question and the customer’s on the table, in mobile browser or in our app It depends on many factors, such as whether he is shopping or not.” made a statement.

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