This Project Could Be the New Unicorn of the Ethereum Ecosystem

Ethereum research and development company Flashbots aims to rise to the unicorn level by organizing a new investment round.

According to media reports, Flashbots, 30 to 50 million dollars by collecting investment among $1 billion market valuation wants to achieve.

It is reported that Paradigm, one of the crypto investment firms, supports this plan of Flashbots and is ready to lead the investment tour.

Flashbots on the Ethereum blockchain with their work Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) aims to solve the problems caused by

MEV; standard in blockchain block rewards and gas fees In addition, from a block The maximum value that can be subtracted represents. Actors who know how to use MEV are too much on blockchain. from having control is feared.

According to information based on sources knowledgeable about the subject, Flashbots, to persuade investors to get funds not working. The company follows the opposite method. Accordingly, convincing investors to let Flashbots invest in it needs.

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