This is what the timetable for the election of Chancellor looks like

Olaf Scholz

It is almost certain that the Social Democrat will be the next Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.

(Photo: dpa)

The coalition agreement is in place, but the traffic light coalition is not yet. Before Olaf Scholz (SPD) can be elected Chancellor at the beginning of December, the three parties must first approve the coalition agreement. The SPD, Greens and FDP proceed differently.

This is the timetable for the election of the Chancellor:

25. November: As early as Thursday, the Greens will let their members vote on the coalition agreement and the personnel table. For ten days they can decide on the outcome of the negotiations by letter or digitally.

“A simple majority is necessary for the adoption of the coalition agreement and approval of the personnel table,” said a party spokeswoman. The result should then be known by the second week of December.

In parallel to the vote, the Greens are planning several digital conferences at which the party leadership will discuss the results of the coalition negotiations with members.

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In the case of the Greens, approval is the most difficult, because for many members the decisions on climate policy may not go far enough. But nobody expects that the Greens base will reject the coalition agreement in the end.

December 4th: The SPD holds an extraordinary federal party conference to vote on the coalition agreement. In contrast to 2013 and 2018, this time the party is not questioning its 400,000 members, but is letting around 600 party congress delegates decide on the coalition agreement.

Unlike in 2018, joining the new government this time is not controversial in the SPD – which is of course due to the fact that Olaf Scholz, a Social Democrat, will become the next Federal Chancellor.

December 5th: One day after the SPD, the FDP wants to hold a party congress to vote on the coalition agreement. Because of the current corona situation, this will probably take place digitally. However, approval of the coalition agreement is considered certain.

December 6th to 9th: On one of the three days, Olaf Scholz is to be elected Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Bundestag. On the day of the Chancellor election, the cabinet of Federal President Frank-Walter-Steinmeier is appointed and sworn in in the Bundestag.

Merkel will presumably hand over official business to Scholz in the Chancellery on the same day as the Chancellor election. The handover in the ministries should take place on the following day.

10th of December: One day after the inauguration, the new Chancellor has international obligations. On December 10th, Chancellor Olaf Scholz is likely to meet US President Joe Biden for the first time – virtually, at a video summit. Scholz’s first trip is to go to Paris.

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