This Is The Best Time To Short Ethereum (ETH)!

Ethereum Merge, which the cryptocurrency market has been eagerly waiting for, is approaching. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin marked September 15 for this historic moment. Once Merge grabs the attention of everyone in the market, they also calculate how to get the most out of it. Merge is the best time to short ETH, according to former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes.

Best time to short Ethereum (ETH): Merge readers have learned enough about Ethereum Merge from our news. Now investors and traders are looking for maximum benefit from the upcoming upgrade. Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes talks about it in a recent blog post. Hayes claims that the peak of the Merge upgrade is the best time to short Ethereum (ETH).

However, it is necessary to keep in mind the possible disruptions in the upgrade and its effect on the price. The leading altcoin is likely to see a ‘rapid’ and ‘vicious’ price drop if the ever-popular Merge upgrade turns into a fiasco. Arthur Hayes also explains the best way to hedge against such a bearish scenario. According to the former BitMEX CEO, it is necessary to use put options for this situation. Hayes notes that only in this way will it be ensured that unlimited losses are not incurred.

‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ scenarios for Merge

cryptocoin.comAs you follow, the highly anticipated Merge is expected to take place on September 15th. According to the information received, the developers are currently putting the finishing touches on. Earlier this month, Arthur Hayes said that if Ethereum Merge fails, ETH price will revisit the $1,000 level. However, he noted that if the Fed turns to a less hawkish monetary policy, a recovery to around $1,600 is possible.

Alternatively, if the Merge is successful and the Fed abandons its aggressive rate hikes, it could be the first time ETH to exceed $5,000 in history, according to Hayes. Therefore, ETH would also renew its all-time high of $4.9k. In recent weeks, Ethereum has experienced a significant increase in price. But the enthusiasm surrounding the high-stakes Merge has somewhat dissipated. The leading altcoin was trading at $1,837, down 2.21% on a daily basis at press time.

Meanwhile, Arthur Hayes also covers deflationary dynamics and the growing use of the web in his latest blog post. Thinking that these will act as a catalyst, Hayes notes that the ETH price will continue to rise. At the same time, the former BitMEX CEO says he will not reduce his position as he moves towards Merge

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