This Altcoin’s Nodes Are Suddenly Offline: What’s Going On? Description Arrived!

Co-founder of Node Shark and Cardano altcoin An alarming Cardano news has surfaced online after stake pool operator Tom Stokes tweeted that half of Cardano nodes were offline hours ago.

Half of Cardano (ADA) Altcoin Nodes Suddenly Offline

Stokes gave the news as follows:

“A few hours ago, more than half of all Cardano nodes went offline. This is why decentralization is important.”

The reports claimed that the affected nodes were “public” while “private” nodes remained online.

Network sync abruptly dropped from 100% to just over 40% across the 300+ nodes that reported earlier on Sunday, according to a network sync chart released by Stokes.

Cause of Incident Not Known Yet

According to Stokes’ chart, network sync returned to about 87% right after the drop. A high performance network is indicated by the original network sync rate of 100%. The reason for this sudden network outage is not yet known.

Cardano Whale, a Cardano-focused Twitter account, denied reports that half of the nodes were offline. “No, it’s not true,” he said in response to one user, adding:

“Block production slowed for a few minutes but slowed down, the network did what it was supposed to. There are no private nodes in Cardano.”

The Cardano node is the core component that underpins the Cardano network. Simply put, a blockchain network is a group of interconnected nodes that work together to verify transactions and create blocks using consensus.

Staking pools use the Cardano node to authenticate the pool’s interaction with the network and is responsible for transaction processing and block generation.

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