This Altcoin Is Expecting A Cryptographic Update In February

Input Output Global (IOG) will add a new feature to Plutus to be able to support ECDSA and Schnorr signatures.

According to the statement made by Input Output, Cardano (ADA) blockchain’s smart contract programming language, Plutus. some new functions in february will be added.

Different blockchain networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can use different cryptographic signature methods. Cardano currently uses the method known as EdDSA for short, but this method is Not compatible with EDCDSA and Schnoor.

Thanks to the update planned by Input Output in the next month, Plutus to support these methods. will begin.

In this way, Cardano developers can work in harmony with ECDSA and Schnorr. will not have to spend extra time and effort:

“Decentralized applications (dApps) running across different blockchains on Cardano are coming with this update. more securely can be developed and developers more easily with other blockchains they can work.”

Input Output, this update been planned for a long time and crypto exchanges about this update to inform stated it was done. While the date may change, for now this update Implementation on 14 February is aimed.

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