This Altcoin Crashed with Binance News After a 5x Rise: 70 Percent Sharp Fall!

After Hifi Finance (HIFI) increased by more than 430% in the last week, it lost significant value after it was opened to futures trading on Binance.

last week With a 430% appreciation Hifi Finance, which managed to attract all the attention, this time too It came to the fore with the serious loss of value it experienced. HIFI, especially South Korea’s largest exchange on Upbit It was in serious demand and within 24 hours 717 million dollar transaction volume He achieved this and broke his own record.

But on Binance HIFIUSDT futures contract TSI 16 September 17.30‘in With its launch, the tide soon turned. Binance futures trading from $1.94 logged in and within hours for $2.64 HIFI rising up to 16 September since close to 70% losing value to $0.7985 decreased by .

during the fall a serious negative funding The fate of HIFI, which has a high rate, was no different from many projects listed or opened to futures trading after the rise on Binance. Binance futures support peak Investors who see themselves as sales did and short It is thought to open a (short) directional transaction.

According to CoinGecko data, it continued its downward trend and in the last 24 hours 32.2% value the loser is HIFI, at the time of writing from $0.849 is being traded.

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